Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creative Thanksgiving Contest

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators are holding a contest about a brother and sister having a creative and unexpected Thanksgiving, so I went with Thanksgiving at the Circus.


Susan PZ said...

Love the bright colors. Your circus characters really light up this art piece of yours, along with the boy and girl in awe.
Very nice!
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Gumbo said...

That reminds me of Thanksgiving at my house. Lots of action, and before you know it, the meal that took 3 days to prepare is gone in 10 minutes LOL. How much of that turkey do you think the strong man is going to eat? I also just love the high wire act in your piece and also the Ringmaster welcoming those unsuspecting kids into the Big Top.
Really creative and fun. I have been really enjoying, experiencing "your childrens world"
from your blog and website.

Robyn said...

Very fun and definitely creative...you are the master of those those subjects when it comes to children's illustration Jen! This one is no exeption...you must have taken first place! :)

Sean said...

Nice job Jen- creative concept and great painting.

Kimberly said...

Great color contrast. It looks great! I want turkey!

Barbara said...

This is fantastic, Jen! I love it! :) Your concepts are SO clever! And I love the detail....lots of little details that make your pieces so much fun to look at!

Esme said...

You have a very distinctive style that ROCKS! I love it!

Stephen said...

I feel that this entire scene would make a child really happy.

Bats said...

Love the candy colors Jen, the light touch, but heavy emphasis of light and shadow comes through well. Good job WW!

RyanMichaelBubion said...

Smiles all around (=

Scott Lee said...

Hey Jen,
Your work is looking awesome! I definitely see kid's books in your future. Oh yeah, and it was nice running into you the other day! ;)

Take care,

AyJayJaytwolf said...

haha. "reminds me of thanksgiving at my house" -gumbo.


its pretty sick...im a fan of the bright colors :)